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Get the attention of your target audience and outshine the competition. With an animation video, we expand your communication and use the power of an animated video. Let’s go!

Over 500+ companies trust our animated videos

What is an animation video?

An animation video is a video format that uses motion design to bring digital illustrations to life. With the help of a video animation we set vectorized graphics for your video in motion. Complicated facts are not only easier to understand in visual form, they also stick in the memory longer. An animation video helps you to convey complex topics and contexts with visual storytelling and make them more accessible.

Fresh from the creative kitchen

3 Examples of video animations .

At Videodesign you get the proper animated video for your business.
Take a look at our latest animations here:


Project: Payment Protection

With a modern video animation, the maximum potential is extracted from the video. Thanks to various use cases, we explain the product with modern motion design.

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Trend Micro.

Project: Cyber Security

The smooth, dynamic transitions give the video animation a modern touch, so that the attention does not stray. The white background allows frameless embedding into the website.

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Incore Bank.

Project: Crypto Currencies

Our animation video in 3D style resp. isometric style allows even complex topics such as the blockchain to be presented in an easily understandable way. The overview is there, even with several topics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, tokens or ICO.

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4 good reasons why it's worth having an animation video created.

If you have something to communicate, it’s worth having an animation created. With an animation video you make abstract content understandable, stay in the memory and strengthen your branding at the same time.

With storytelling you generate trust

Sustainable storytelling in animation video gives your trust the ultimate boost. How to do it? Video animations that stay in the memory and an emotional script raise the trust in your company to the next level.

With individual style you stand out

We develop a custom illustration style that fits perfectly into your CI/CD and branding guidelines. Each illustration is individually created and vectorized. With us you will find unlimited possibilities - for every budget.

With animations you stand out

Let modern tools and software work for you and stand out with a professional video animation. Through the targeted use of current technology and forms of communication, you distinguish yourself and increase your visibility.

With only one video you score all around

A good animated video performs cross-medially, whether in presentations, websites or social media. Our vectorized illustrations can additionally be used for advertising banners and posters - even subsequent updates are no problem.

We can promise a lot - because our animation videos deliver.

And we are already very excited about our joint project. Arrange a consultation with our specialists now. Together we will create your WOW effect.

4 simple steps to your animation video.

Whether you have already realized a video or want to have an animation video created for the first time, we will guide you step-by-step through the entire process.

1. Kick-off workshop

We work into the topic of your video animation, finalize the core messages, create the target group analysis and the schedule. Once all the questions have been clarified, it's time to get to work perfectly prepared.

2. Script & voiceover

This is where we get creative for you. We work out a concept of what your storyline could look like. At the same time we create demos with our voice actors for the dubbing of your animation video.

3. Design & storyboard

Now it gets colorful: We design the storyboard for your video animation and create different suggestions for the possible illustration style. The animation video will be designed individually according to your CI/CD.

4. Animation & dubbing

We bring your video to life! In animation video, completely new worlds can be created - there are no limits to your imagination. With professional sound design we give your video the final touch.

And Voilà!
This is how easy we make your animated video!

It only takes 25 business days from kick-off to impress on all your channels with professional video animation.

Take a look behind the scenes.

You want to know where and how your video animation is created?
Take a look at what our day-to-day agency life looks like.

How much does an animation video cost?

This is how cheap you can have your animation created at Videodesign

Every animation video we create for you is part of an all-inclusive package.
Our transparent fixed price packages include 360° service for a 90 second video in various animation styles:

6'500 CHF

We create an effective and understandable whiteboard animation video. Stylistically reduced to the essentials, we convey clear messages for small budgets.

2D video animation
8'500 CHF

We increase the fun factor: Flat design offers more imagery and a full color palette that stays in your head. A modern animation for optimal target group activation.

3D Animation Video
12'500 CHF

We open up limitless creativity with comprehensive 3D illustrations and animations. Use the medium for maximum effect and the big picture.

Let's go
Ready to get started?
Let's go!

With us your project is in good hands. Schedule a consultation with our experts today and we can get started. Together we write the best story – namely yours.

Dustin Bättig | CEO


Have an animated video created: Quite simply by Videodesign.

With Videodesign you have found the perfect partner to create your animation video.

We impress your customers – and your boss

Let it rip with your animation video and leave a lasting impression. With us, you benefit from our cumulative experience with flashy design and upbeat animations. This way, your topic will not only be understood by everyone, but will also be remembered. Hand on it.

We have your back

Your desk is already full enough – our job is to take work off your hands. For a brilliant video animation you don’t need to have experience or a script, because we take care of all the steps up to the distribution. Your head remains free for more important things.

We know what we do

As the most experienced animation video agency in Switzerland, we are very familiar with WOW effect, because we have been producing video animations with impact in Lucerne for over 10 years. We are not only familiar with the medium, but also with Swiss DNA – with us you hit the right note.

We still have time
for a question and answer session.
How much does an animated video cost?

Depending on the desired length of the video and complexity of the animation style, the cost of an animation video can vary. For example, a plain whiteboard or scribble style involves less effort and costs CHF 6,500. An animated 2D animation starts at 8'500 CHF and the complex 3D video animation from 12'500 CHF. You can find detailed information here.

How long does it take to create an animation video?

From start to finish, we calculate 25 working days for the creation of your video animation. It has to go faster for once? Contact us - together we will find the perfect solution for your project.

Why should I have a video animation created by an agency?

A well-made video animation is like a signboard for your company - it communicates your message, anchors it in the memory and creates trust and an emotional connection to your brand. If you want to have an animation video created, it pays to let storytelling professionals get to work.

What are the types of video animation?

Roughly divided, there are three overarching animation styles: 2D, 3D, and stop-motion. 2D refers to two-dimensional animation, 3D works with depth and dimension, and stop-motion combines single shots of real objects to create movement, as in clay animation. Within these categories, there are as many styles as there are illustrators - we're happy to develop a custom style for your video.

Corporate video: Better animated or as a film production?

Whether the image film should be animated or produced as a live-action movie depends on your goals and the intended use. The basic rule is that the film should portray the company as authentically as possible. The advantages of real film include the use of real people and premises, which enhances emotions. Animation allows complex content to be abstracted and simplified, offers a wide range of options for scene selection, and is less expensive to produce. A combination of both can create a fantastic dynamic, which we would be happy to show you in more detail in a personal conversation.

May it be a little more?

With us, you can create the perfect animation video –
and a variety of other formats:

Provide clarity and simplify complex topics with an explainer video.

Reach new markets and a new level of team culture with an image film.

Boost your product and sales with modern promotion from Videodesign.

The autopilot for your HR - with employer branding videos that get noticed

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