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A commercial is the perfect choice when it comes to putting your brand or product in the spotlight. Reach a large target group and secure their attention – with a promotional video as an eye-catcher.

Over 500+ companies trust our commercials

What is a commercial?

A commercial is a short, concise film 15-45 seconds long that has at least one of three goals for you: to increase your sales, raise your profile, or reinforce your image.

To attract and hold interest, the plot of the commercial video usually follows a three-step approach: an unusual situation attracts attention – a surprising twist resolves it – a call-to-action prompts action.


Freshly created:
4 commercial film examples.

When it comes to creating commercials, we are seasoned professionals, having produced videos and animations for compelling brands for over 10 years. A small excerpt of our portfolio:


Project: SmartFlex

An advertising spot that stays in the memory: realized as a real film with complementary motion design.

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Project: SBB Mobile

A dynamic advertising film, realized as 3D animation for that certain eye-catcher: attention guaranteed.

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Project: Advertising film

A versatile image film that also works as a promotional video on many platforms without voice-over.

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Project: Intel Cashback

A spot that is perfectly designed as a TV commercial and catches the eye with lively animations.

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Your commercial is in good hands with us – with 360° service we accompany you through the entire process. Arrange your free consultation now – together we’ll put you in the spotlight.


5 steps to your commercial.

Do you want to inspire with a commercial? We take care of all the steps and accompany you from the first idea to the distribution. In five easy steps, your video is ready:

1. Kick-off

Together, we work our way into your topic, define the core message as well as USPs and make sure that all questions are clarified. So we go into the cooperation well prepared.

2. Concept & strategy

Now we're getting creative for you. We create a concept with storyline for your commercial and work out the strategy. At the same time, we record demos for the soundtrack with our voice actors.

3. Storyboard & film shooting

Now it's time for the visual implementation: We develop your storyboard. For a live-action film we start shooting, for an animation we design your personal style.

4. Motion design

Here we bring your animations to colorful life, guaranteed to pick up your target audience. We finalize the cut, define the color grading and work out the sound design.

5. Marketing

Now the real video marketing begins. We distribute your commercial on all channels, analyze the performance and optimize your reach based on the analysis.


4 good reasons
to have a promotional video created.



Increase awareness.

Whether you’re promoting a product, brand or company, a commercial puts its protagonist in the spotlight and anchors you in the memory. Whoever meets you like this will remember you.



Increase sales.

Clear, visual imagery highlights your USPs in a condensed short video, leaving maximum impact in minimal time. This creates customer loyalty and boosts your sales. Win-win – right?



Strengthen branding.

A commercial uses exciting storytelling and surprise moments with a WOW effect to convey your branding and anchor it sustainably. In this way, you will also be remembered positively in the long term.



Generate reach.

A good commercial has many uses – and staying power. You can use the right video over time on all channels, whether social media, TV, cinema, website or others.

We have answers to your commercial.
How much does a professional commercial cost?

The cost of your commercial always depends on the concept. The key factors are the duration of the film, whether and how many actors are used, the purpose (TV advertising vs. social media promotion), realization as a live-action film or motion design, and the scope of post-production. From approx. CHF 5'000.- the budget is open upwards.

How long does it take to produce a commercial?

From approx. 4 weeks turnaround time is realistic for the production of a promotional video. The more elaborate the shoot (the organization of premises, props and permits, casting, etc. influence the planning effort) and the more extensive the subsequent editing, the more time must be budgeted.

Why should I have a commercial created by an agency?

To create a commercial with impact, you need experience and skill. An agency eliminates any operational blindness and brings fresh, external creative wind. With Videodesign you rely on experts with over 10 years of experience in the video industry and several thousand successfully realized video projects. We make sure that exactly the product you need is created. Our references speak for themselves: A professional commercial is created when professionals get to work.

For whom is a commercial suitable?

If you want to increase awareness of your company, build trust in your brand, expand your reach, tap into new target groups - in short, increase your sales - a promotional video is exactly the right move. That's how you stand out from the competition and stay memorable.

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