Create learning videos and e-learning.

To make learning more fun and sustainable, we offer modern E-learning videos including campaign designs. We enable a dynamic 2-way-communication and actively involve your target group.

Over 500+ companies trust our E-Learnings
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Example of E-Learning and interactive explainer videos.

All of our E-Learning projects are created with much attention to the detail. Interactive videos allow you to guide through the storyline with your own pace.


4 reasons for choosing
E-Learning videos.

Versatile E-Learning video campaigns

Would you like to bring complex issues closer to your target audience? Do you want your explanatory videos to be part of a large-scale learning campaign? We create the video content and build it up for you in a campaign-oriented manner.

Learning in tune with the times

These days, learning concepts and campaigns must have a modern and fresh feel. With our E-Learning concept you can promote tailored learning campaigns to your target group -for a maximum learning effect.

Innovation in learning

Whether it’s about staff training, further education or knowledge transfer: With innovative learning nuggets, blended learning or interactive videos we can make the integration of new learning concepts into your business’ every day operations a reality. Time-saving and sustainable.

Learn anywhere

Thanks to modern video-based training you can make your learning content available anywhere in the world. Flexible, at your own speed and with verifiable results. Accessible on all end devices.

How do we create
learning videos?

Whether you already have experience with explainer videos
or not, we guide you through the whole process.

One step at a time.


integrating your feedback

Our iterative process ensures that your feedback is taken into account every step of the way.

4 easy steps to your video.
1. Creative workshop

Every project begins with an in-depth exploration of your topic. We analyse your target group, define the core messages, create the schedule and clarify all important questions. This is how we lay the foundation for perfect cooperation.

2. Concept

Now our creative heads are smoking. We develop a concept with suggestions for a possible storyline. In addition, you will receive the demos of our voice actors for the dubbing.

3. Design

Now it gets visual: we design your storyboard. We create various suggestions for the possible illustration style. All scenes are designed individually according to your CI/CD.

4. Animation

We breathe life into your video! In the animation we make characters fly, icons dance or whole worlds come to life. Of course, we also take care of the sound design.

Abrakadabra! Your video is ready!

It can be that simple. In just 25 working days, you'll receive your own explainer video that you can use straight away.

Your turn
Ready to start?

Book a free call with one of our explainer video experts and let us help you
get your point across.

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