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The world is becoming more and more complex. New products, processes, problems sprout from the earth.
When things get complicated, there’s only one solution: keep it simple. With an explainer video.

Over 500+ companies trust our explainer videos:

Explainer video: From Huh? to Aha!
Why an explainer video removes communicative barriers.

When it comes to communicating complex issues, the first step can be difficult. You’re already familiar with your topic in detail, but it’s new territory for your audience – so how do you get them on board as quickly and understandably as possible? An explainer video overcomes the initial barrier to understanding with the power of storytelling – even when you’re dealing with a short attention span.
We at Videodesign are your experts for professional and successful explainer videos. With us, you can have your explainer video created with peace of mind, because our mission is simple: we create clarity. With us, you communicate faster, more directly and more easily. We have something against question marks. And we love enlightened minds.

Examples of explainer videos.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video, or explainer film, wraps up complicated topics and contexts in catchy storytelling and memorable images. People learn particularly effectively via visual content. Facts conveyed by video are therefore not only more accessible, they also stick in the memory longer - and they're fun to watch.

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An explainer video saves you work.

When it comes to communication, nothing beats an explainer video. It allows you to communicate even abstract topics and complex processes in a way that is understandable, holds your audience’s attention – and stays in their minds. Good communication sets you apart from the competition.


Whether you want to create brand awareness, convey product information, or streamline internal communications, an explainer film delivers more efficiently than any other medium. Having an explainer video created is worthwhile in the following areas you can find on the right side, for example.

Social Media

An explainer video makes a great social media post - visually appealing and accessible in content, it creates priceless brand awareness in an instant.

Marketing Communications

In marketing communication, a well-made explainer film is worth its weight in gold. Your products and services are made understandable and accessible - and understanding drives buying decisions.

Online Marketing

Having an explainer video created is also worthwhile for your website - its inclusion can help boost conversions. In addition, it lets your site play at the very top SEO-wise.

Internal Communication

Whether it's corporate policies or risk management, the more information you want to convey to your employees, the more valuable the effective, engaging communication that an explainer film provides.


Studies prove the effect that visual materials have on the success of knowledge transfer - a creative explanatory video conveys small learning snacks and large complexes of topics in a catchy way and with a lasting effect.

Sounds good?

If an explainer video is exactly what you need, or you just want to know more, let’s hear from you directly!
We welcome your questions and will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your perfect explainer video.

Our explainer videos can simply do more.

With us you have a strong partner if you want to create an explainer video. We are there for you from the first idea to the last pixel. See for yourself what our videos can do for you:

Gripping storytelling

A compelling story is the secret recipe to getting your explainer video burned into people's minds. Stories appeal to our emotions, therefore light up better and stay in our memory longer. We make sure you leave a lasting impression and that your ideas are understood.

Excellent design

Every explainer film is unique. We design everything individually according to your CI/CD so that your brand identity is perfectly incorporated - or create a unique design. A picture is worth a thousand words: We create the right image for your brand and your message. For a result we can all be mighty proud of.

Versatile usability

Once you've had an explainer video created by us, you can use it over and over again on a wide variety of channels and broadcast it to the world. Think of our work as a good business card that we create for you - hand it out again and again, everywhere it's useful to you.

Fast turnarounds

The deadline was yesterday and it has to go fast? No problem! Our project management is perfectly timed and allows even short-term deadlines with the highest reliability. Exactly as you would expect from a Swiss video marketing agency.

How do we create your explainer video?

No matter if you have already realized an explainer video or if it is your first one, we will guide you through the whole process.
Step by step to the goal.


Integration of your feedback

Our iterative process ensures that your feedback is considered every step of the way.

So you can let us create your explainer video without worrying – the result will be as unique as you are.

4 easy steps
to your video.
1. Creative Kick-off Workshop

Every explainer video project starts with learning about your topic. We analyze your target group, define the core messages, create the schedule and clarify all important questions. This is how we lay the foundation for perfect cooperation.

2. Conception

Now our creative heads are smoking. We develop a concept with suggestions for a possible storyline. In addition, you will receive the demos of our speakers for the dubbing of your explainer video.

3. Design

Now it gets visual: We design your storyboard. We create various proposals on the possible illustration style of the explanatory film. All scenes will be designed individually according to your CI/CD.

4. Animation

We breathe life into your video! In animation, we make characters fly, icons dance, or entire worlds awaken. Of course, we also take care of the sound design.

Abracadabra! Your video is ready to go!

It can be as simple as that. In just 25 working days, you'll receive your own explainer video that you can use right away.

No idea? Don't worry!

You approach the topic of explainer videos without any previous knowledge? You don’t have to be an expert – that’s what we’re here for. We talk through all the details with you and take care of the technical side as well as the creation of a fascinating story.

Have we convinced you? If you need an explainer video created, we’re here for you. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote – and if you still have questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Impress your boss and customers.

Leave a lasting impression with a brilliant explainer video. We put all our storytelling and design experience to work for you – making sure your topic and ideas are understood by everyone. And also that it will be remembered. Promised.

Free your desk.

You already have enough tasks on your desk. That’s why we’re your extended workbench. Ready on call, we provide the free space you need. If you want to have an explainer film created, you don’t need to bring anything with you except your message – you don’t need experience in writing a script, because storytelling is our strength.

We take all the work out of your hands and make sure you get the personalized, unique and effective explainer video you need. Your head remains free for other tasks.

10 years of experience with explainer videos.

As the oldest explainer video agency in Switzerland, we know what it takes to create the AHA moment. For over 10 years, we have specialized in videos that have an impact.

We are “from here” and proud of the fact that we know the industry as well as the country and its people. That way, we hit the right note in your explainer film – guaranteed.






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Some helpful answers about explainer videos.
What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short film in which a complex topic is explained in an understandable way. Long and complicated phrases are dispensed with; instead, only the most important points are addressed. With an original story (keyword storytelling) you can make your topic stand out from the crowd and bring it closer to your target group in an ingenious way.

Why should I have an explainer video professionally created?

With Videodesign you get the bundled experience of over 4'500 created explainer videos. The secret recipe for a successful explainer video: Gripping storytelling. And that is exactly what we take care of. This is how you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. Not only with your customers, but also within the team and the company.


You can use a professional video timelessly for several years. We accompany you from the beginning and do all the work for you. This way you have a free desk and are guaranteed to get where you want to go.


Convince yourself of our references and examples.

How much does it cost to have an explainer video created?

The cost of an explainer video depends on various factors. These include the length of the video, the style of the illustrations, and the languages (number of languages, dubbing vs. subtitles). We offer an attractive fixed price model. With this, we calculate according to video style and video length.


We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and a free quote. Contact us here and arrange a consultation.

What languages do you offer for explainer videos?

No matter if with subtitles or completely dubbed, we can realize your explainer videoin over 50 languages. Whether German, English, French, Italian, Spanish or something more international like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese - our network of speakers goes around the world. Just ask us, we will be happy to advise you!

For whom are explainer videos suitable?

An explainer video is suitable for any company that wants to visualize a topic in a simple and understandable way. Explainer videos are particularly popular in the areas of sales, marketing, communication and branding, for example to market a product or service or to explain a new strategy.

Haven't found the right one yet?

In addition to explainer videos, we offer a variety of video formats:

Product Video

We market your product and its USPs with a brilliant product video.

Corporate Video

Your company and the team culture are the focus of your image film.

Recruiting Video

We facilitate your HR with eye-catching employer branding videos.

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